Errant Gods, Now with 33% more goodness!

January 24, 2018

Today marks the first day that Errant Gods is available throughout the world on iBooks, Google Play Books, Nook, and Kobo (in addition to Amazon). I’m very excited about the prospect of reaching more readers and would love it if you could pass this on to anyone you might think is interested. I’m celebrating going wide with a sale! Errant Gods is just $3.99 until 1/31/18!

Hank Jensen doesn’t believe in monsters—not the kind Stephen King writes about at any rate.

Hank is one of New York’s best criminal profilers, and he loves his job. But when he meets the Bristol Butchers, all that changes. They are a pair of psychopaths—cannibals. He chases them in spite of the disabling curse they cast on him, in spite of their threats to his family, and when he catches up to them, his horror begins. They claim to be gods—immortal, omnipotent—and they change into monsters before his eyes. Unable to stop them, the battle leaves him sick, despondent, broken. His career is at an end. His only respite is his family.

Years later, the Butchers return to make good on their threats. When his family disappears on Halloween night, Hank decides his time for doing nothing is at an end.

He must chase them to places he thought existed only in myth. He knows they have the power to raise monsters, mythical beings—even the dead—to block his path. How can he, a disabled mortal, overcome gods? How will he overcome his disability, his doubts?

Pick up your copy of Errant Gods today and find out!

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“Comparable to Stephen King’s [Dark Tower series] (which is referenced in the novel) in terms of genre-blending originality and sheer creative courage, Vick’s latest is a page-turning storytelling tour de force.” — Blueink Review

“An audacious novel with a hero that braves both mythical creatures and a disability.” — Kirkus Reviews

“…by tapping into the rich literary vein of Viking myth and folklore [Vick delivers] a narrative that’s both original and highly entertaining, but it’s in protagonist Hank Jensen that Vick really hits his home run.” — BookViral

Are all the reviews and Amazon reader comments comparing Errant Gods to the Dark Tower series correct? Pick up your copy today and start finding out!


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