Errant Gods Cover Reveal

September 27, 2017

That is the ebook cover, of course. It’s a far cry from where I started, but I like it a lot. The paperback cover is below:

Click on either image to see it a little bigger. I’m not sure I’m done with the paperback cover. I never like the back cover and this book is no exception.

The back cover text reads:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.

Hank Jenson is a broken man. His health is ruined—along with his peace of mind.

A pair of psychopaths called the Bristol Butchers destroyed his fifteen-year career as one of New York’s best criminal profilers. Health in ruins, his failure to catch them is a constant source of pain. His only respite is his family and when they disappear, Hank decides his time for doing nothing is over.

He renews his pursuit, and the Butchers lead him to dark, desolate places that shake his beliefs. Along the way, Hank faces mythical beings and ancient evils.

The Bristol Butchers stole his career, his health, his peace of mind. All he wants to do is return the favor.


And yes, all this cover stuff does mean we are getting close to the release of the book. What’s that? You want to know the actual date? Sorry, not letting that out yet, but watch this space because I’ll be telling everyone soon!