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Nightmares can’t hurt you. monsters aren’t real. right? right?

Nightmares can’t hurt you. monsters aren’t real. right? right?

There is no hunting like the hunting of man…and the demons in Oneka Falls have done it long enough to like it more than any other thing.


How can five demon hunters battle an entire town full of demons?



I’m author Erik Henry Vick and

I’m in the nightmare business

Erik Henry Vick is an author who happens to be disabled by an autoimmune disease (also known as his Personal Monster™). He writes to hang on to the few remaining shreds of his sanity. His current favorite genres to write are dark fantasy and horror.

He lives in Western New York with his wife, Supergirl; their son; a Rottweiler named after a god of thunder; and two extremely psychotic cats. He fights his Personal Monster™ daily with humor, pain medicine, and funny T-shirts.

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The Hag is here!

September 6, 2019

When I released Demon King at the end of March last year, I had no idea how it would be received. I loved the story, and I loved the characters, but it was my second indie title, and it was straight horror. More than that, it bounced all the way back to 1979, and even “the… View Article

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