Errant Gods Release Date

October 1, 2017

What’s a better date to release a horror/dark fantasy novel than any other day of the year?  Yep. Halloween!

Errant Gods goes on sale 10/31/17 at 12:01 am. If you’d like to get a preview, the first four chapters are included in my horror anthology, Devils: A Collection of Devilish Short Fiction. In pre-celebration, and to let everyone who wants to read the preview get Devils on the cheap, I’ve marked it down to $0.99 (links below). It will stay at that price for the entire month of October.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.

Don’t let evil win, mark the date and get your copy of Devils now!

Devils: A Collection of Devilish Short Fiction, #1 Bestselling Horror Anthology on Amazon Kindle, not just $0.99 — always free on Kindle Unlimited! The paperback is also available for $12.99.