Clarion 4* Review of Errant Gods

November 1, 2017

Today, Clarion Reviews posted a 4-star review of Errant Gods. Like Kirkus and Blueink, the review is full of spoilers, so I’m going to post excerpts below, and then give the full link for those of you that don’t mind spoilers.

Errant Gods launched yesterday, to a flurry of customer reviews (4.6/5 stars on the US site, 5/5 on both UK and CA sites). You can pick up your copies here:




(it’s available in all Amazon markets: ASIN B076VVZV74)


On to the review (excerpt)!

Errant Gods blends science fiction, fantasy, and horror elements for a compelling adventure.

An ailing cop hot on the heels of a supernatural serial killer team seeks to rescue his family in Errant Gods by Erik Henry Vick, a unique, glimmering fantasy epic.


Errant Gods is the first book in the Blood of the Isir series. As such, there is much time devoted to building up the characters and their worlds. The mythology here is a hodgepodge of fantasy staples, most related to Norse and European myths, including Thor, dragons, and dwarfs. Such features boast intriguing differences from known lore, and their introduction makes for a more compelling read.

Jensen is thoroughly characterized, and his strength of character propels much of the plot. He is bold enough to chase after those he believes to be human serial killers, but when the darker truth is revealed, he goes with as much fervor…refusing to let them deter him. He proves able to crack jokes even while facing down malevolence personified.

Villains are just as well fleshed out, including Liz, one of the killers… Her noble beginnings gave way to corruption, and flashbacks capture her rise and fall in engaging, if disturbing, detail.

The beginning portions of the novel, which are dedicated to exploring the serial killer case and some key backstory, drag when it comes to action. Once this preliminary scene setting is done, though, the plot picks up to a fast and captivating pace, which is maintained up to the satisfying conclusion.

Errant Gods blends science fiction, fantasy, and horror elements for a compelling adventure with heart, humor, and epic battles.

Reviewed by John M. Murray


That’s 99% of the review, so don’t feel like you are missing out if you don’t go read the “spoilers” version. As promised above, however, here’s the link to full review:

Thanks for taking a look!


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