Errant Gods Kirkus Review

October 26, 2017

Today, my very first review from Kirkus Reviews was published on their website, but before you go over and read it, be warned: the review contains spoilers. The link will be at the bottom of this post, but I will excerpt the non-spoiler parts below.

“It’s been seven years since Hank Jensen was a state trooper. He’s been on disability for rheumatoid arthritis, which causes him near-constant pain; it seems to have started after a woman named Liz Tutor, a prime suspect in a series of killings, put a curse on him. Hank never managed to bring her to justice, nor was he able to arrest Chris Hatton, who all but admitted that he and Liz were the cannibalistic murderers known as the Bristol Butchers. When Hank’s wife, Jane, and 12-year-old son, Sig, don’t return from trick-or-treating on Halloween, he gets a phone call from Bobbie Timmens, his former neighbor, telling him to go to the cave that once housed the Butchers’ victims. There, he finds a colorful, oval mirror…

…Vick’s…mythology–laden narrative is rife with figures that readers will recognize. Still, Hank’s condition makes him the most distinctive character; when he first heads out to rescue his family, he stocks up not only on ammunition, but also on pain meds…

…The inevitable confrontations are enhanced by Vick’s energetic prose: ‘With a cacophony of savage, ear-splitting screams, the fire demons fell on the party…’

An audacious novel with a hero that braves both mythical creatures and a disability.” — Kirkus Reviews

There was a knock that I can’t quote without adding a spoiler.  To paraphrase: the expansiveness of the story impacts the urgency of finding Jane and Sig.

Not bad 🙂  It is gratifying to have a heavyweight like Kirkus say such nice things about my work. I hope everyone likes it at least as much as Kirkus did!

Errant Gods spoiler-laden review: