Blueink Review of Errant Gods

October 27, 2017

It’s been an awesome couple of days, I’ve got to tell you. First, the Kirkus review of Errant Gods dropped yesterday, and this afternoon, the Blueink review posted. On top of that, the Blueink reviewer compared Errant Gods to one of my all-time favorite series: The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

The review is four paragraphs long, so I’m going to share some excerpts and then give you a link to the review on the Blueink site. I got dinged again for world-building getting in the way of narrative moment, and the reviewer objected to an early scene in which the Bristol Butchers (a pair of serial killers) bait and taunt a black man into a fight using hate speech. I understand the reviewer’s point but respectfully disagree with the idea that cutting the language would not change the story.

Here’re the excerpts:

“Chronicling a Western New York police officer’s desperate attempt to rescue his wife and son from a duo of seemingly immortal serial killers, the first installment in Erik Henry Vick’s epic Blood of the ISIR saga is an audacious fusion of crime fiction, realm-hopping fantasy, and Norse mythology…

…But overall, this is a fluidly written, deftly plotted story that will surely entertain anyone who enjoys intelligent and ambitious storylines. Mixing elements of crime fiction and fantasy, Vick utilizes hard-nosed detectives, twisted serial killers, Nordic deities, wendigoes, dragons, etc., to create a singularly unique read. Comparable to Stephen King’s Gunslinger sequence (which is referenced in the novel) in terms of genre-blending originality and sheer creative courage, Vick’s latest is a page-turning storytelling tour de force.”

Many thanks, anonymous reviewer!

Here’s  the link to the full review:

Can’t wait to get your copy of the book? It arrives on Halloween!