June 20, 2018

It has been a particularly eventful spring/summer so far. First, I became a Viking-Terminator with cool hair when I signed a contract for the audiobook production of Errant Gods. Then there were a few medical issues to deal with (including a panicky set of emergency imaging appointments, all to identify…nothing, and a complete med change). Next, I heard from Tantor Media that they were interested in doing an audiobook version of Demon King and I had to decline…

Wait, what?!?

Yes, I declined. I had to because I’ve taken another step. I’m not sure what comes after Viking-Terminator with cool hair, maybe Berserker-Terminator with cool hair? Or maybe Viking-Ninja-Terminator with cool hair you can’t see because I’m a ninja? Nah, that’s just silly. Whatever it’s called, I went there.

I’m now represented by Sarah Hershman from Hershman Rights Management for audio, foreign, and dramatic rights for all my current work (except audio on Errant Gods, o’course). I had been thinking of pursuing an agent to help me move my work in the audio and dramatic directions, and, as it turns out, the process was a lot easier than expected. All I had to do was open an email from HRM and start talking. The email was a result of Demon King, so I guess I was right to publish it in front of Rooms of Ruin (speaking of which, have you seen the cover?).

Don’t fret about Demon King’s audiobook. I have every confidence that I’ll be making an announcement concerning that in the future!

There’s also a strong possibility (like 143%) that all of you who have emailed asking for a sequel to Demon King will be smiling in 2019.

In the meantime, I’m plugging away at Wild Hunt, Blood of the Isir Book 3…maybe a quarter of the way through it as of this writing, and it’s a blast!

Aren’t ch-ch-ch-changes fun? 🙂