Rooms of Ruin

Winner of the 2019 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Gold Medal for Fantasy!

Does destiny set the course life will take, or does life dictate a man's fate?

He rescued his family from the clutches of the Dark Queen, but in doing so, Hank Jensen trapped them in her realm. She has rallied her armies against him…and sent a traitor to guide him. Enigmatic figures swathed in dark power grapple to manipulate the threads of Hank's life, but they've forgotten one thing…

The Blood of the Isir throbs in Hank's veins, and he has the power to control his own destiny—if he can only learn to master it.

Only one path leads home, and it runs straight through the Rooms of Ruin.


critics reviews

Five Stars!

"Erik Henry Vick is a wonderful storyteller. He begins the story in the midst of scheming on the part of the evil ones. Readers get an idea of the severity of the crisis and understand that the protagonist could be walking into the jaws of death with his family. Hank is a compelling character and readers will enjoy following him as he struggles with a rare illness, a curse from a god, which continually weakens him. There are themes of friendship, family, and magic that are well developed, giving the story a sense of reality that enriches it. The chapters are designed to offer readers an engaging reading experience, each ending with an intelligent invitation to move on to the next one. The author is a master at creating suspense, developing subplots in the story that leave readers suspended, wondering what could happen next. This is a work of great imagination and I couldn't help but be pulled in by the world building. The setting is a magical world with unique elements, the conflict is phenomenal, and the plot is well imagined and executed with brilliance. This novel is a great escape for fans of fantasy -- hugely entertaining and infused with realism."

- Divine Zape,

2019 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Fantasy Gold Medalist

"5 out of 5 Godlike Stars"

"Listen up everyone! The recipe for today is you take one debilitated cop and mix him with powerful gods, malevolent beings, terrifying dragons and deadly shapeshifters. You then sprinkle in his wife and son and combine all these ingredients together into a different dimension. Stir the concoction thoroughly and you will end up with one awesome story which takes epic fantasy writing to a whole new level! There can be very little doubt that Rooms of Ruin by Erik Henry Vick is a wild ride which will engross and captivate readers everywhere!"

- Leonard Tillerman,

Stop everything - your new favorite author is here!

"His sweeping imagination, his detailed and convincing world-building, his characters and the interplay among them, and his deft skill in writing and storytelling makes this series the most engaging reading I’ve enjoyed in many a year. I haven’t encountered a new author I’ve enjoyed so much since I first discovered Stephen King all those years ago, nor been enraptured by a series like this since the DT series."

The Epic Adventure Continues

"The main character suffers from a curse which exhibits itself as the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. This is something that Erik knows about from real life and this weakness is what makes this character truly approachable. Yes, he is a hero but that doesn't mean that his life is a bed of roses. Killing a dragon might be tough, but so is getting out of bed in the morning."

The greatest adventure you never expected

"The first [book] won me over as a fan but this second one...this one took it to another level... The new view of the Norse myths is really incredible but be warned, just because it is a twist on the myths make them no less powerful."

Beautiful book full of living characters and colorful scenes

"This book is a must-read for anyone wanting fully formed characters and scenes so realistic it is easy to put oneself into the story. This one feels like coming home, and is a must-read for anyone who has read the first book in the series. EH Vick is a great storyteller who will keep you engaged in his stories until the end and wanting more!"

A well deserved five stars for a book filled with...

"A well deserved five stars for a book filled with people you root for and non-stop action. It is a massive book but I finished it in a day and a half. I didn't want it to end but I also needed to know what happened. The need to know won out so I will probably have to go back and read it again ... slowly. Well done Mr Vick."

You are missing out!

"Yep, he did it. Erik Henry Vick managed to keep the second book as exciting as the first book. If you haven't started this journey, you are missing out! Such a great story by an awesome storyteller. I highly recommend this series!"

Totally awesome and unusual urban fantasy!!

"Finished book 2 in one day. It was that good. Mr. Vick knows how to wrap action, fantasy, funny commentary, and an unusual world into a romping good time. This is a new take on Urban Fantasy - a good one, and one a long time coming. I cannot wait for the third book to see what happens. I'm sure it will just eclipse this book like this did the first novel in the series. Huzzah to an excellent sequel!"

The multidimensional adventure continues!

"Erik Henry Vick does it again! Hank Jenson and his family, continue their adventures abroad in the dimension populated by gods and creatures of Norse legend. Do you want Rune-weaving and shapeshifting? Do you want far-out technology at war with deviant black magic? How about sarcastic humor and wolf puppies? This continuation of the Jensen family saga is well worth your time, do not miss this wonderful work of verbal wit and high adventure! You won't be disappointed!"

A fun and enjoyable read

"The author has an interesting twist and take on almost every aspect of the traditional fantasy story. This book, and the first of the series, were so enthralling, I finished them in less than 48 hours."

A brilliant book

"I love the mix of Norse mythology and technology. I am so pleased I discovered this author and would wholeheartedly recommend his books to anyone. I'm now eagerly awaiting part 3."

Norse legends come to life

"A fantastic story full of myths and Norse legends. It is very well written and keeps your attention throughout."


Then I was fertilized and grew wise;
From a word to a word I was led to a word,
From a work to a work I was led to a work.

—Vafþrúðnismál. (The Poetic Edda)

She sat on her sunbaked, impromptu throne like the queen she was, pale golden locks stirring in the hot wind blowing from the depths of Kleymtlant’s deserts. Her gray eyes sought his, and when their gazes met, Luka Oolfhyethidn’s stomach twittered. When she smiled, he thought he might melt.

“What news, my Champion?” Hel asked.

“My Queen, the rebels left Trankastrantir on horseback, but they rode east, not south.”

One of her eyebrows quirked. “By sea then?”

Luka nodded once. “They may avoid our trap despite their complete ignorance of its existence.”

“Oh come, Luka,” she said. “Do you think me so easy to thwart?” She cocked her head to the side, a small smile playing on her lips. “Your part of the plan is in readiness?”

“Of course, my Queen. I spoke with him. He knows his role.”

“Superb. I heard from one of Vowli’s oolfa this morning. His part of the plan is in place, ready, and waiting.”

“And can we trust our agent?”

Her gaze hardened. “Am I so easily fooled?”

“No, my Queen. I meant to wonder at the strength of Vowli’s conditioning methods.”

She arched her eyebrow. “Beyond reproach. But come, enough of this petty jealousy, Luka. We must drive them back to the course we prefer.”

“Yes, my Queen. Shall I—”

“I will handle that part.”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“We have a challenge before us. One to which we must rise.”

He arched his eyebrow and scratched his chin. “Tell me, my Queen.”

“We have a game of hnefatafl to play, and you and I stand against many.”

“And which side are we?”

She smiled a lazy, crooked smile. “The attackers, of course.”

He grinned and inclined his head. “I understand, my Queen. We erect barricades to keep them from straying from the path we choose.”

“Indeed, my Champion. Indeed.” She waved her hand toward a pen of human and subhuman thralls the army had gathered from the sparse civilizations of Kleymtlant. “In the meantime, are you hungry? You are much more mischievous on a full stomach.”

Luka let his eyes wander about the pen, and his mouth began to water. “I could eat, my Queen.”

She nodded. “Then choose our prey.” She stood and let the cool, loose robe fall at her feet. “Byarnteer,” she murmured and began to stretch and morph.

An intense pleasure, mingled with lust, swept through Luka. The last time they had hunted together had been on Mithgarthr. He pointed out a thrall. “That one,” he said to one of the pen’s guards. He glanced up at Hel’s new bear-like form and smiled. “Oolfur.” Luka took a deep breath and began his own change into a beast out of nightmare.

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