I’m now a Viking-Terminator hybrid!

May 23, 2018


Guess what? I’m no longer an indie author, I’m a hybrid author. I’m not sure what such distinctions are worth, but in my own mind, at least, I’m thinking of hybrid author as a sort of Terminator, but with cool hair and a Viking beard. All it really means is that I’m self-publishing some things, and have partnered with traditional publishers for other things. I guess, with my trad published books in the past, I might already technically be a Viking-Terminator with cool hair, but in terms of my recent work, I signed a contract on Monday with Tantor Media, a leading publisher of audiobooks, and a division of Recorded Books, the largest independent publisher of audiobooks in the world.

Tantor will be publishing an audiobook of Errant Gods for me in the near future. Details to follow as I get them.

To borrow an English slang word, and to annoy Supergirl, let me say that “I’m chuffed!” 😛