5 stars for Errant Gods from RedheadedBooklover!

May 24, 2018

Aimee Ann (the RedheadedBooklover, herself) has just posted her review of Errant Gods, and as the title of the post says, she gave it 5 stars! Here’s an excerpt:

“Overall Errant Gods is a captivating, fast-paced fantasy novel that will keep fantasy readers entertained for hours. The author’s descriptive writing and the twists and turns Vick laces throughout the book will enthrall you, and so I have to award this exceptional book five stars! So please, have a read of the preview below and have a look at Demon King on Amazon, you will not regret it!”

Aimee Ann had a lot more to say about the book, so head on over to her blog and give it a read: https://redheadedbookloverblog.com/2018/05/23/errant-gods-erik-henry-vick/

One of the things that she touches on is Hank’s disability, which as you may know, is my own disability wrapped up in a costume and with a bit of face paint (if I gave RA a no-holds-barred, honest portrayal it would be too grim, too ugly to be entertaining). Aimee Ann zeroed in on one of the main themes: never giving up, despite disability. I’m glad that came through–Errant Gods was literally my life-ring in a stormy sea of ugliness. I began writing it almost out of desperation for something meaningful to do with my life after having been disabled for many years. It was a struggle, and there many obstacles to writing that I had to overcome (more on that in this blog post: https://erikhenryvick.com/2017/06/11/how-can-you-do-that/), but, Supergirl’s help, I stuck it out and here we are many years later talking about a review of the book.

Ain’t life cool?

Remember that Aimee Ann is a Marine wife, and as such, dedicates part of her time (and blog) to supporting wounded vets. Head on over and give your support: https://redheadedbookloverblog.com/give-back-wounded-heroes/. Remember that it’s about people, not politics. As a disabled Vikinator with cool hair, I can tell you that your support will be appreciated by those it benefits.

Thanks, Aimee Ann, for the stellar review, the stars, and what you do for our wounded vets!