Flare by Marriage

May 24, 2018


I don’t know what it’s like to have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I can tell you what it is like to be married to someone who does. I suppose everyone’s marriage is different, so I can only speak to the way we deal with a chronic illness. My view is that we are in this together. If Erik is going through a flare, then it is time for takeout and chilling at home. Also, for some reason, it is also time for me to bring up my gripes. I wouldn’t want him to focus on the pain when I can distract him with how he left a glass in the wrong place. I like to help where I can 🙂


For anyone who might be on the other side of illness like I am, I hope you give yourself a break and look for things you CAN do together. Like griping.



I asked Supergirl if she would write a few blog posts about our real lives. We’re calling it Hank and Jane IRL, and if you don’t get the Hank and Jane reference, you need to read Errant Gods 🙂