5* BookViral Review of Errant Gods

October 30, 2017

I’m here today to announce yet another review of Errant Gods, this time by the stellar crew at BookViral.com. This is easily the best review company I’ve worked with–I can’t say enough good things about them, so if you are an indie author, get over there and submit your book–the selection stage is free (they have a 40% acceptance rate). If you are a reader, head on over and check out all the books they’ve reviewed! I’m saying all this of my own free will, with no incentive from BookViral (they don’t know I’m doing this). Here’s the link: http://www.bookviral.com you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Here’s their review:

Turn the first page of an Erik Henry Vick book and you know you are embarking on a rather special journey. In Devils, he favoured us with wonderfully imagined nuggets of short, but perfectly framed works of Horror Fiction and this time around he has turned his attention to a longer tale and the ever-popular genre of Dark Fantasy. Delivering an amalgamation of everything that is universally loved by fantasy readers Vick has the enviable ability to engage our dreams and lust for far flung adventure by creating highly original storylines that really resonate with his readers. And he does so here by tapping into the rich literary vein of Viking myth and folklore to deliver a narrative that’s both original and highly entertaining, but it’s in protagonist Hank Jensen that Vick really hits his home run. Struggling with crippling disability in our world, his physical limitations are obvious and Vick could have opted to give him a trite magical cure but through a skilfully woven backstory, we quickly come to realize that Hank’s pain goes far beyond the physical. Pitted against characters that resonate with bloody luminosity in a world of dark magic he once again has to face his past in a plot that’s both sophisticated and masterfully executed.

 Another highly enjoyable read from the pen of Erik Henry Vick, Errant Gods proves a must-read for the winter evenings ahead and is recommended without reservation.”

See the whole  review here: http://www.bookviral.com/errant-gods/4594068699

I’m super pleased, of course, but today, I got an email from John Reese, who runs the show, and they have awarded me the banner spot on every page for the next two weeks! It’s an honor, and I’m very excited. The banner awards Errant Gods five stars!

All I can say is: Thank you, John, and all the rest at BookViral.com!