“5 Godlike stars” for Rooms of Ruin!

July 6, 2018

A couple of months ago, I made a post about a review of Demon King written by Leonard Tillerman ( http://leonardtillerman.com ). Leonard’s writing impressed me–his reviews, his insightful articles–and his review of Demon King made me a very happy writer. I am happy to recommend Leonard’s site as a go-to site for finding your next read. That’s how I use it!

I contacted Leonard and asked him if he would be willing to do an advance review of Rooms of Ruin. To my delight, he was happy to do so, and today, his review went live on his website. Leonard likes to give star ratings for the books he reviews, and I’m going to steal that idea and give Leonard and his site 5 stars! His reviews are never spoilers, and yet always have the perfect amount of the detail to hook you on the book. His reviews are insightful, clean, and best of all, entertaining. You really owe it to yourself to head on over and check out his website: http://leonardtillerman.com.

On to the review!

Like with the previous review, I’m not going to give you the whole thing. For one thing, as an indie reviewer, Leonard needs website traffic, and you can help! I will whet your appetite with a few quotes from Leonard’s review of Rooms of Ruin:

“Listen up everyone!  The recipe for today is you take one debilitated cop and mix him with powerful gods, malevolent beings, terrifying dragons and deadly shapeshifters.  You then sprinkle in his wife and son and combine all these ingredients together into a different dimension.  Stir the concoction thoroughly and you will end up with one awesome story which takes epic fantasy writing to a whole new level!  There can be very little doubt that Rooms of Ruin by Erik Henry Vick is a wild ride which will engross and captivate readers everywhere!”

I love the way Leonard’s reviews start. Every one of them has a paragraph like the one above–when was the last time you read a review that had that much creativity and oomph?

The theme of this novel is very clearly a good versus evil one.  However, to clearly illustrate and project this theme, the reader is taken on a wildly exciting fantasy adventure.  The story is full of battle scenes and non-stop action which is cleverly tied together by meaningful dialogue.  There are quite simply no “lulls’ in this epic novel.  The author also illustrates the unique depth of his imagination as the plot unfolds.  While there may be Norse mythological components to the story…do not be misled.  This is clearly Erik Henry Vick’s world!  It is hiscreation…and what a concoction it is!  I found myself stopping as I read to actually contemplate the level of creativity and imagination that this author possesses.

I’m thankful that Leonard agreed to do this advance review. I’m gratified that he enjoyed the work and rated it 5 out of 5 Godlike stars. Check out the full review here: http://leonardtillerman.com/rooms-of-ruin-by-erik-henry-vick/.

If, after reading the review, you are ready to pick up your copy of Rooms of Ruin, check out the pre-order pages below. And, for the first time, I’m happy to say there is a preorder available for the paperback version as well!

Amazon: https://ehv4.us/4roomsofruin

iBook: https://ehv4.us/4roribook

Nook: https://ehv4.us/4rornook

Kobo: https://ehv4.us/4rorkobo

Google: https://ehv4.us/4rorgoogle


A big “thank you” to Leonard Tillerman for the excellent review, and for everything you do for indie authors!