3 5-star reviews of Rooms of Ruin!

July 11, 2018

Like the title says, I have three 5-star reviews of Rooms of Ruin to share with you today. All three come from the site ReadersFavorite.com, and one of them is from Divine Zape, who had this to say about Errant Gods:

“Did you ever care about a character so much that you feel their pain, sweat for them as you read, feel the stinging tears in your eyes, or does your heart palpitate as you fear for what might happen to them? Erik Henry Vick makes you experience this and more and there is no way you can stop feeling for the protagonist, a three-dimensional character who is genuinely flawed and whose humanity reflects a lot of what most readers know. The plot is cunningly done and the pacing is fast. Errant Gods features a gritty investigation, a powerful setting, a tale of horror with a very unpredictable and satisfying ending. You won’t put it down.”

That’s a great way to start this off, I’d say. Divine Zape’s review of Rooms of Ruin follows:

“Erik Henry Vick is a wonderful storyteller. He begins the story in the midst of scheming on the part of the evil ones. Readers get an idea of the severity of the crisis and understand that the protagonist could be walking into the jaws of death with his family. Hank is a compelling character and readers will enjoy following him as he struggles with a rare illness, a curse from a god, which continually weakens him. There are themes of friendship, family, and magic that are well developed, giving the story a sense of reality that enriches it. The chapters are designed to offer readers an engaging reading experience, each ending with an intelligent invitation to move on to the next one. The author is a master at creating suspense, developing subplots in the story that leave readers suspended, wondering what could happen next. This is a work of great imagination and I couldn’t help but be pulled in by the world building. The setting is a magical world with unique elements, the conflict is phenomenal, and the plot is well imagined and executed with brilliance. This novel is a great escape for fans of fantasy — hugely entertaining and infused with realism.”

How much would you pay for a novel such as this? But wait! There’s more…if you dial now, we’ll include a handy combination shark-skinner and yogurt strainer! Plus, here’s another review, this one from Romuald Dzemo, also of ReadersFavorite.com:

“I loved, loved, and loved this novel! It’s so well-plotted and driven by a conflict that is enormous, a conflict not only between persons and beings, but one between worlds. The world building is impeccable and readers will feel as if they are navigating a mythical landscape filled with mystery and deadly traps. I enjoyed the deft handling of the theme of family, friendship and adventure. You know a great author when they can create an extraordinary character and make you believe in the character, feel close to the character, and that is what Erik Henry Vick has done. The writing leaps majestically off the pages and the conversations feel so real, without losing the relevance of the setting. Rooms of Ruin is fast paced, tightly plotted, and filled with stuff to entice fans of the genre.”

Now how much would you pay? Wait! Before you answer, there’s another review! Here’s what Grant Leishman of ReadersFavorite had to say:

“There are epic fantasies and there are hugely epic fantasies. Rooms of Ruin (Blood of the Isir Book 2) by Erik Henry Vick is definitely in the category of hugely epic fantasies both in terms of its length and its depth. I am not a big fantasy reader, but despite not having read the first book in this series, the author drew me in immediately and the pages of this novel just flew by. There is a little adjustment to be made, as a reader not having read the first book, to grasp the situational reality of the setting for this novel, but the warmth, the humanity and the subtle use of sarcasm and wit by the author just draw you in and keep you reading. The fight scenes are violent and vivid, but for me the best parts of this book are the dialogues between the members of the team, especially the interaction between the wives and their husbands; this had me chuckling continually at the lines. The imagination of and the world created by the author has to be admired. I am always in awe of excellent fantasy authors and Vick is definitely in that category. I highly recommend this book and, by association, this series.”

What do we need to do to get you in this car today? What if we can get your payment to just $4.99, one time only?! I’ll throw in some floor mats! (not really on the floor mats)

Naturally, I’m tickled pink by these reviews, but I’ll tell ya–I can’t wait to hear what you think! The book goes live this Friday (7/13/18).