What a Difference a Year Makes

July 5, 2018

One year ago, we were releasing Devils. I say we because it has been a joint effort. I provide the encouragement, the sounding board and the snacks. It hardly seems like it is only 1 year ago. Erik now has several more books out with the next installment of the Blood of the Isir series coming out on Friday, July 13, 2018. He has almost 3k followers each on Facebook and Twitter and has a community of devoted readers in his Readers Group and Launch team. One year ago, we started on this path and every day it is more and more obvious that it is the right one. It doesn’t cure Erik’s illness, but it gives him a purpose and a unique connection to readers with similar illnesses.
What a difference a year makes. Just imagine where we’ll be next year!


I asked Supergirl if she would write a few blog posts about our real lives. We’re calling it Hank and Jane IRL, and if you don’t get the Hank and Jane reference, you need to read Errant Gods 🙂