Good Dog!

December 11, 2017


When Erik and I first met, he had a huge Rottweiler (his second), and dogs scared me. I was so scared of dogs that I would go the long way to class just to avoid the stray dog that roamed our college campus. I still remember the first time I went to Erik’s house and met Sampson, his 130 lb Rottie. There was a small hallway when you came in the front door, and I stayed in it and admired how beautiful he was…over there, not near me.

Fast forward 18 years and the pictures in this post are of our latest puppy (Erik’s fourth, my third) who will be 2 years old in the spring. Over the years we thought about other breeds because Rottweilers do not have long life spans and are prone to certain health issues but every time we’d see a Rottie puppy, there was no other option.

Erik has a new book titled Demon King on its way through the process that I am reviewing right now and, spoiler alert, there is a Rottweiler in it.  His writing captures the imposing physical presence combined with intelligence and energy that makes up this unique breed.



I asked Supergirl if she would write a few blog posts about our real lives. We’re calling it Hank and Jane IRL, and if you don’t get the Hank and Jane reference, you need to read Errant Gods 🙂