December 8, 2017


Have you heard of

Here’s the scoop: BookBub is a website where you can create an account and tell them your favorite authors and genres. Based on your preferences, the send you an email either once a day or once a week, and that email will contain a bunch of books that are free or on sale. They work with all the major e-book distributors, so it doesn’t matter if you have Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPhone, or whatever. They provide this service to readers for zero dollars and zero cents. That’s right, it’s free.

So far, the books they’ve presented to me have all been at least 50% off, and many of them were free. Does it sound too good to be true? Are you dying to know the catch? Here it is: If you are an author and want to offer your book to BookBub readers, you have to pay for the privilege.

I’m on BookBub as both a reader and a writer. I love getting their email every day (this morning I got 6 free books) because they are tailored to me. I never see books on accounting or underwater-backwards-romance. I get horror, fantasy, and scifi books, and nothing else.

One of the other rules they have for authors is a follower threshold to unlock certain things like (pre-launch messages, etc.). At 1000 followers, everything is unlocked, so that’s my goal: get 1000 followers. If you decide to create a BookBub account (or already have one), I would appreciate it if you would follow me. My author profile is at or my shortlink

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for the follow!