Harvester Launch and my Black Friday Sale!

November 29, 2019

Today is bittersweet. The launch of Harvester marks the end of The Bloodletter Saga.  I've spent my entire working year on the series and loved doing it. I hope you love reading it as much!

Here's the blurb:

A horror collection of the novels: Blackest Crow, Nightshade, and Harvester, books 5, 6, and 7 of The Bloodletter Saga.

Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.

Ill-prepared, harried, and hurt, the crew of demon hunters fled the confrontation at Lake Genosgwa--and New York. Hiding out in Pennsylvania, they believe they are safe, and they may be…for a short while.

Just when the demon hunters come to believe they have a viable plan for combating the demonic infestation of Oneka Falls, they learn of a new threat. Brigitta's power seems inconsequential by comparison.

Confronted by an ancient demigoddess of pain and death, the demon hunter crew knows an open battle will lead to their destruction. The secret to her defeat lies steeped in Akkadian myth, obscured by time and a dead language. Harried by the archdemoness, her powerful servants, and the remaining demons in Oneka Falls, sifting the truth from the legend may prove an impossible task. Nevertheless, the hunters must find a way to save the world..

How can Toby, Benny, Shannon, Mike, and Scott hope to win a war against the demons entrenched in Oneka Falls? How can they even hope to survive?

Grab your copy today! https://ehv4.us/4harvester


I'm also running a Black Friday Sale (through 12/2 :))! (Although Amazon is being really slow updating to the sales prices--if you don't see the marked price, please come back in a few hours and try again. The prices will be good through 12/2).

FREE Wendigo: https://ehv4.us/4wendigo

FREE Nightmare: https://ehv4.us/4nightmare

$0.99 Blackened: https://ehv4.us/4blackened

$0.99 Wreecker: https://ehv4.us/4wrecker

$0.99 Black Swan: https://ehv4.us/4blackswan

$0.99 Blackest Crow: https://ehv4.us/4blackestcrow

$0.99 Nightshade: https://ehv4.us/4nightshade

$0.99 Demon King: https://ehv4.us/4demonking

$0.99 The Hag: https://ehv4.us/4thehag

$0.99 Errant Gods: https://ehv4.us/4errantgods

$0.99 Rooms of Ruin: https://ehv4.us/4roomsofruin

$0.99 Wild Hunt: https://ehv4.us/4wildhunt

$0.99 Devils: https://ehv4.us/4devils


Enjoy Harvester, and anything else you might grab on sale!