Happy Birthday Erik!

June 10, 2019

Today is Erik's 51st birthday so I decided to let his readers do the talking. Here are 51 praises of Erik's work (and there's a lot more where these came from)...


First off, I love these books. The first was a one-off “sure I’ll give it a try” read, but I was hooked from there. The author has an astounding ability to truly transport you into his world, and the characters are eminently relatable. I got so caught up in the lives and struggles that I found my emotions mirroring theirs. I cried with both sadness and joy more than once during this one. Huzzah Erik for another amazing installment of this series. (Wild Hunt)


Not my first read of this outstanding indie author, and won’t be my last. (Wendigo)


My absolute favorite new author. I was unfamiliar with his work and purchased my first of his books because the brief description sounded right up my alley ... I read the first book in 36 sleep deprived hours and bought every book he has written that I could find....started with Book 1 of the Errant Gods series and just finished Demon King. If you like Stephen King, Robert McCammon, or Clive Barker then check out Erik Henry Vick, you won't regret it. (Demon King)


This is only the second book I've read of his, but I believe he's going to be up there with my other favorite authors, Stephen King & Dean Koontz!  (Devils)




I loved the first book so was a bit apprehensive about reading this one in case it wasnt as good. It wasnt, it was better! It went in a completely different direction to the one I thought it would. I love the mix of Norse mythology and technology. I am so pleased I discovered this author and would whole heartedly recommend his books to anyone. (Rooms of Ruin)


I am nearly done with this book and i find myself already in mourning of the end. I haven't enjoyed a story this much in so very long. Erik Henry Vick has a gift. He captures us with his talent, weaving his tales around the tendrils of our imaginations, creating the perfect enviroment to loose yourself amoung his characters and their worlds. I say, MORE Vick, MORE!! Please write more for us. I am not ready to leave this wierd world you have drawn me into. I want more. (Errant Gods)


This collection is an excellent sampling of the writer's ability to seize your interest and keep it. Erik Henry Vick is a talent to watch! (Devils)


The tale, woven, in this novel is an incredible experience! From page one, the reader, is drawn into the story. Only, to become part of it, to feel it. Horror fantasy in it's purest form, a must read! (Demon King)


An incredible ending to an incredible series. This is a story I was able to escape into, as in escaping to another world where I could forget this place and my problems and just focus on the story world. What an awesome author who created this fabulous story and this one was the best yet! (Wild Hunt)


Erik Henry Vick is amazing and this series is fantastic!! I can't put them down, I'm so glad there are more to read! Please don't stop. (Rooms of Ruin)


Five stars for Demon King! It has honestly been years since I have read such a well thought out story. EHV has written a saga with characters that you feel true emotions for. Every situation does not magically work out; the reader needs to feel the connection to the characters! I loved every page. Thank you Author for your hard work, your incredible imagination and for sharing it with us. (Demon King)


Horror, Norse, and Lord of the Rings! This book has it all! Vick, you are good! Reading Demon King next! (Errant Gods)


The plot is engrossing and keeps you on your toes and guessing what will happen next. The characters are very well written and the way that they interact with each other is spellbinding. If you like Stephen King and fantasy woven with mythology, then this book is completely for you. Thank you Mr. Vick for introducing me to a new mythical world. I look forward to what happens next.  (Wendigo)


This book does not disappoint. I think this is the best book out of the series so far. (Wild Hunt)


This was an amazing, edge of your seat book with twists and turns and a roller coaster of events that blew my mind! I was so engrossed that I read the ENTIRE THING in one day. Now I’m sad I did because the tale is over. Looking forward to more from this author. It’s a long story but one you most definitely do not want to miss. Rich in character development and relationships between friends, along with some true horror makes this one incredible read. (Demon King)


Awesome read. This was my first of this author’s work. Completely hooked me and have read more. A little fantasy mixed in with a thriller = the best of both worlds. (Errant Gods)


The dark atmosphere in Erik’s tales is the best. Once I started reading I could not put the book down until finishing the story and then it all started again with another short story. It was quite a long time since I haven’t read such disturbing and unsettling tales, like these. I would like to keep on reading more from this author. (Devils)


Second book as good as the first. So full and large of great storytelling. Can’t heap enough praise on such a great writer. Long may he keep it up. A must read! (Rooms of Ruin)


Fantastic writing, great use of suspense and build up really put this over the top for me. Can't wait to dive deeper into this series! (Wendigo)


A very well-written story that keeps you thinking and guessing until the end. I'm very hopeful more will be done in further stories with these characters, as at the end I was left wanting to know more and where the survivors went to after this harrowing experience. Excellent job Mr. Vick! (Demon King)


Have just finished and have ordered everything else he has written,I'm a big Stephen King,Dean Koonz fan,and I really enjoyed this,can't wait for the next in the series! (Errant Gods)


Overall, this was an excellent final book for the series.  The world building the author pulls off is stunning.  Also, the key element of believability is met within an imaginative land of mythical creatures and fantastical adventures.  Not an easy feat to pull off.  The dialogue between characters is natural and flowing and supports the direction of the work.  Everything in this book has purpose and the reader can truly get lost in the pages. (Wild Hunt)


Finished book 2 in one day. It was that good. Mr. Vick knows how to wrap action, fantasy, funny commentary, and an unusual world into a romping good time.  (Rooms of Ruin)


If the reader is interested in horror stories that are graphic, nail biting, dark in nature, ghoulish and make you jump at every noise in your home, then Devils by Erik Henry Vick is for you. The writing is well done and will most certainly capture the reader's imagination. Each page beckons the reader to move forward with caution. That caution being one hand on the book and the other covering their soul. (Devils)


Loved this! Slightly reminiscent of Clive Barker, with the ordinary world/supernatural combination. Brilliant, I lost a lot of sleep not being able to put it down! Very very highly recommended. (Errant Gods)


This novel was very compelling with well developed characters and a chilling mystery at the centre of the story. Despite the length, I flew through this chunky book quickly, inhaling most of the story in a single day. I just couldn't stop picking it up! (Demon King)


A fascinating take on an ancient legend. Makes you want more, that’s for sure! The authour, is a talent worth watching! I look forward to reading all that come next! (Wendigo)


...However, every so often a series will come out which is so utterly captivating that it will grab you by the scruff of the neck and just won't let go!  You will be hooked from start to finish.  That is just such the case with Erik Henry Vick's Blood of the Isir trilogy.  Indeed, the final book of the series, Wild Hunt keeps the momentum rolling and absolutely does not disappoint.  For those looking to find resolution and further explore this fantasy land full of powerful gods, devious demons vicious shapeshifters and deadly dragons...Wild Hunt is the place to be! (Wild Hunt)


Erik Henry Vick has quickly become one of those few authors where I see they've got a new book out and I just get it even if I don't know what it's about, because I know it's going be a fantastic ride. This book I did know what it was about, but that made it no less a fantastic ride and no less an instant buy. (Rooms of Ruin)


Kudos to Mr. Erik Henry Vick, who has written a novel of pure terror, sure to become a classic! (Demon King)


It is many years since I read Tolkien but this has recaptured my delight of dark fantasy. Crisp and intelligent writing set out on a rich tapestry of folklore. (Errant Gods)


Thank You Erik Henry Vick for something fresh and TRULY memorable! (Demon King)


Wild Hunt - was it ever! The odyssey of Hanki of the Isir continues and once again EHV does not disappoint. Third book in to the fantasy / sci-fi saga and it’s as good as I anticipated. There is absolutely no let up in the action. Hank and co continue to grow and adapt, which is good because so do his challenges. The multiverse expands. The beings he encounters as well. And as in any adventure worthy of the description “odyssey”, just when you think you have the situation collared, the path takes another twist. (Wild Hunt)


I truly love the author's take on the Norse Mythical world. The human hero isn't some overpowered super being. He is like all of us with weaknesses but a willingness to fight for everything. (Errant Gods)


Is the first novel I have read by this talented author. It won’t be my last.
The story line was awesome. The characters were believable.
If you’re a Stephen King fan I think you will definitely enjoy this author. (Demon King)


I’m a huge Erik Henry Vick fan and I was anxiously waiting for this book. It really exceeded my high expectations. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. I love horror/dark fantasy (and revenge based novels) and this one really fit the bill. It’s a very visual tale that really lets you identify with the main character. Honestly, it is the best book I have had on my Kindle in a long while. I’ll probably read the series again in a year or two or just go ahead and purchase it on Audible once all the books in the series have been added. I’ve already recommended it to some friends. Keep the novels coming Erik  (Wild Hunt)


Loved this book! Very strong sequel to Errant Gods! Can’t wait for book 3! Erik Henry Vick has quickly made it to my short list of favorite authors! (Rooms of Ruin)


The book jacket claims this book, first in the Blood of the Isir series, to be “unputdownable” which is not even a word but completely accurate!  (Wendigo)


You'll thank me later, I promise. This book has so much of everything: horror, drama, fantasy, mystery, feel-good moments, suspense, the list goes on. The story telling is crisp and enthralling, easy to follow. I honestly cannot recommend it enough, and truly, the author has a new, lifelong fan. (Errant Gods)


Wild Hunt is the astonishing culmination of the Blood of the Isir trilogy...Erik Henry Vick gifts us with some of the most imaginative, vividly drawn world-building you are likely to read. The story is inspired and exceptionally well told. The characters, their dialog and interactions are alive and multi-dimensional; they are made more real than some living people seem to be. The sweep and scope of this trilogy does indeed compare favorably to the LOTR and Dark Tower series. It’s that good. Put these books on your MUST-read list and follow the author. He is surely among the very best fantasy writers working today. (Wild Hunt)


Excellent story as well as a superb adventure! I can hardly wait for the next book in the series. I'm thoroughly invested in these characters! If you haven't read any of Erik Henry Vick's works, you are definitely missing out! (Rooms of Ruin)


I rarely come across short stories as good as these and author Erik Henry Vick has a real knack for taking his readers to dark places. Each one is a different slant on manifestations of the Devil. All are tight, well written, highly imaginative and above all original. Can't praise this book enough. Absolutely loved them all. (Devils)


Erik Henry Vick does it again! Hank Jenson and his family, continue their adventures abroad in the dimension populated by gods and creatures of Norse legend. Do you want a Rune-weaving and shapeshifting? Do you want far-out technology at war with deviant. black magic? How about sarcastic humor and wolf puppies? This continuation of the Jensen family saga is well worth your time, do not miss this wonderful work. of verbal wit and high adventure! You won't be disappointed! (Rooms of Ruin)


The only thing to beat chocolate cake, is finding an author that is extremely good at what he does! Erik Henry Vick is chocolate cake and much much more. Look forward to reading lots more from this man in the years to come. (Errant Gods)


Thank you Erik for this exceptional series. From the first book until the last, the characters became real and accompanied me through a wonderful journey! A must read! (Wild Hunt)


This book is as good or better than the first one in the series. Characters are like old friends, and scenes are written in a way that makes them real and easy to feel a part of. Highly recommend this to anyone who has read the first book in the series, and we will be left wanting more. Thank You EH Vick for another wonderful adventure! (Rooms of Ruin)


This was my first experience with the up-and-coming writer Erik Henry Vick, and I can tell you...
He's breathing new air into the Horror genre. (Demon King)


These characters are extraordinary! Their personalities and physical descriptions are multidimensional. From the introduction of each, you will find a desire to know them deeply, and the author accomplishes this with perfection giving you just enough to envision them physically and know their personality while leaving a bit for the imagination and further development along the pages of the narrative. (Errant Gods)


Five stars for this juggernaut of a story that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until the end. Well written with interesting and sympathetic characters. I look forward to reading anything that Erik Henry Vick writes. (Rooms of Ruin)


As a kid at heart my review is simple, I think they are all 5 stars; love the good guys, despise the bad guys, pictures painted in my mind set a great atmosphere and perspective; can’t get enough. If you like any of these genres or comparative authors other reviewers mention, do yourself a favour, check out the previews of these books on Amazon or wherever you get your books and if you are at all interested, GET THEM - you won’t be disappointed. I hope Mr. Vick isn’t doing something frivolous like sleeping. (All of Erik's Books)


Happy Birthday Erik!!

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