The Once and Future Publishing Plan

May 23, 2019

Last week, I posted about the trend toward shorter book lengths on Amazon and asked for reader opinions. Thanks for all the SM replies and the digital ton of emails 🙂

Since then, I've discovered (through the arcane wizardry of Big Data) that the average book length on Amazon across the entire Kindle Store is 297 pages. Yeah, that includes all of Brandon Sanderson's tomes, so...

Based on your feedback--whether through email or SM replies--I'm considering this idea:

  1. For the series that follows Demon King, I'll be releasing one title a month--but they will be shorter than Demon King. Roughly half the length.
  2. But don't worry! The story arc is still organized the same way, and I'll also be publishing a "collection" (for lack of a better word) at the point I would have been publishing a Demon King-sized novel.
  3. You are free to read it in whatever form you prefer--either shorter books on a monthly release schedule or the longer versions on a quarterly(-ish) schedule.
  4. The pricing will be equivalent (e.g. the price of book one plus book two would equal the price of the "collection" of the two)


As a real-world example, consider Demon King itself: following what I've described above, I would have released two novels a month apart (and don't quote this for specifics), with the first ending around the end of chapter six. There would be no changes other than that--no added cliff-hangers, nothing like that. The second would be chapters seven through ten, each book being roughly 300 pages. Then, with the publication of the second book, I'd have also released Demon King as it is today.

The entire story would be there, but you could have started reading it a lot sooner (or you could have read the bigger version at the same time as you did.)

I'll have to release the first two shorter versions of Demon King for series continuity reasons and would end up with two series on Amazon (because of the rules surrounding series numbering). One series would encompass the shorter works, one the "collection" works--something like The Bloodletter Episodes and The Bloodletter Collections.