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January 6, 2019

As an Indie Author, you do almost everything yourself--sure, there are services to help with parts of it...everything from cover designers to editors to book layout specialists. It seems that every aspect of the job is "the most important part" of the job, and there are arguments to support each aspect. Without a great cover, people won't buy the book. Without great writing, no one will read the book or leave reviews. Without publicity and marketing, no one will even know about the book in the first place. There are more arguments (and many more tasks that must be accomplished) but you get the idea.

One thing many new Indies struggle with is finding professional reviews (another "most important" part of the job). I've been lucky in that regard. I found Indie Reviewer Leonard Tillerman early on. He's reviewed Demon King and was a launch-day reviewer for Rooms of Ruin. He's an awesome guy and an incredibly talented reviewer. He's become one of my go-to sources for finding new authors to read.

I've asked him to do another launch day review for my next release, which will be Wild Hunt, Blood of the Isir, Book Three.

What's more, he's featured me in his author spotlight this week and asked to do the cover reveal for Wild Hunt. Like everything he does, Leonard has gone above and beyond in this feature. The spotlight includes not only an interview of me but select parts of the Hank and Jane IRL feature here on

Head on over to Leonard's site and check out the author spotlight here: While you are there, check out Leonard's reviews and his articles. He's a great reviewer (as I may have mentioned) and writer in his own right. Most of all, he's a great guy, dedicated to helping Indie Authors such as yours truly. He's also an Indie Reviewer, and like every other kind of Indie, needs your support! Please share this post far and wide, and send your friends to see Leonard!

Oh, the Wild Hunt cover? For now, you'll have to visit Leonard to see it! 🙂

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