Petunia is trolling me…

January 24, 2020

Ever get the feeling life is just screwing with you? Or, in case you have your own Personal Monster(tm), that it is screwing with you just for fun?

We all know of my adventures in Hipland last year. My hip doctor wanted me to see a bone metabolism specialist since one of the drugs I feed Petunia blocks bone creation. I had an appointment with an osteopath--or as I call it: The Big, Scary, Are-My-RA-Meds-Killing-My-Bones doctor--today. The bad news is one of my femoral necks (who knew your thigh body is like a complete body all by itself) shows osteoparesis and is borderline osteoporotic. The good news is that my spine is strong, as is my other hip. Plus, I can take some kind of magic pill that might help.

Now, before I go, let me just say that AVN (avascular necrosis) a.k.a. osteonecrosis only affects hips, knees, and shoulders, with a decided preference for hips. No elbows, no ankles, no jawbones.

Besides the standard "joint pain" side effect that comes with every drug that might marginally help people with RA, this comes with a special side-effect. Nope, not sudden death, that's reserved for my RA meds. No, this one comes with a 1:5000 chance of causing AVN of the jaw.

You know, one of the joints that can't develop AVN.

Unless you take the drug that might help AVN.

Neat, right?

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at life.

Right before you punch it in the fricking mouth.