How’s your weekend been?

December 29, 2019

I've always been told that I should not expect promotions or marketing to work during the month of December because the BIG 5 traditional publishing houses spend like wildcats to make their big sales season a huge success. This year, I decided to experiment, starting with my monstrous Black Friday sale. I'm running another sale right now--not as monstrous, but still pretty good--and the above image shows the results. Plus, the Blood of the Isir Omnibus is a #1 new release!

Not bad 🙂

Take that Big 5! Take that Mr. King! Take that December!

So, how's your weekend been?

Check out the sale pages here:

Demon King --
The Hag --
Our Lady Chaos --

Nightmare --
Blackened --
Wrecker --
Black Swan --
Blackest Crow --
Nightshade --
Harvester --

Errant Gods --
Rooms of Ruin --
Wild Hunt --
Wendigo --
Blood of the Isir Omnibus --

Devils --