Screaming Canadians

April 30, 2018


Erik and I watch a lot of cool shows like Handmaid’s Tale, WestWorld, etc. But sometimes, we watch even cooler stuff. We found a show called “Under Arrest” which we renamed to “Screaming Canadians.” It is a show like “Cops,” but with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) filmed in the 90s, we are guessing by the clothing. Each episode features someone drunk and screaming at the police (or just screaming for the hell of it). They also don’t mess around with the police dogs there and will sic them on people and leave them chewing on someone for a little while. The theme song is also super-original where they just yell “You are under arrest” over and over again to music. You should check it out. ????

I asked Supergirl if she would write a few blog posts about our real lives. We’re calling it Hank and Jane IRL, and if you don’t get the Hank and Jane reference, you need to read Errant Gods 🙂