Ready? Player One

April 17, 2018

Last week, Supergirl had a day off during the week and we got to hang out and play. We went to a movie (a rare occurrence thanks to my Personal Monster ™–we go to a theater with the  fancy electric recliners and sit in the back row–yeah, the handicapped row). Specifically, we went to see the adaptation of Ernest Clines LitRPG SciFi novel Ready Player One. The adaptation was penned by Ernest Cline and Zak Penn, and directed by none other than Steven Spielberg.

I’m not the kind of review that gives away the whole story, so let me just say that this story revolves around a society that has become obsessed with a Massively Multiplayer world (a la Second Life, but with more actual game content). It’s a take on the “save the cheerleader, save the world” kind of story, but with retro (1980’s!) themes.

We enjoyed the movie–it was well written, well-acted, and, given who directed, obviously well-directed. It was fun to see the 1980’s easter eggs (get it?) embedded in the movie–everything from Atari 2600 games to 80’s music. They must have paid through the nose for IP, because it seems like there isn’t a single scene that doesn’t have IP embedded in it: Iron Giant to Godzilla and beyond.

It’s not a tricksy movie, and it’s likely you won’t be surprised by the events, but it’s great fun, and I recommend it for the next free afternoon you have.