Ipecac Christmas

April 2, 2018

When we first moved to Western NY, our son was in preschool. It was a religious school and when Christmas rolled around, he wanted to make a cake for Jesus’ birthday. I bought one of those Betty Crocker mixes with the green frosting and sprinkles to go with it. We ate the cake for breakfast on Christmas morning, which was, according to our son, a requirement. What we didn’t know was that he also brought home a stomach bug for us to enjoy Christmas morning. He had never puked before, so he was very surprised when the green frosting came back up. After helping him and sitting back down at the table, I turned to Erik and said, “I can’t do this anymore” and laid on the floor. We were a puking, messy mess that Christmas and I’ll never buy that Christmas cake mix again.


I asked Supergirl if she would write a few blog posts about our real lives. We’re calling it Hank and Jane IRL, and if you don’t get the Hank and Jane reference, you need to read Errant Gods 🙂