Kirkus Review of Demon King

March 21, 2018

Great news! Kirkus finished its review of Demon King a bit early!

Since this is Kirkus, and their reviews always contain a massive amount of spoilers, I’m going to do my normal thing and quote the non-spoiler parts 🙂

“Troubling disappearances and violent murders rock a small town in this horror novel.

Oneka Falls is a sleepy little town that happens to be ground zero for supernatural activity. When 11-year-old Toby Burton disappears, his friend Benny Cartwright is the first to notice and start looking. […] Vick’s (Errant Gods, 2017, etc.) supernatural horror story is evocative of Stephen King’s work in its use of a small-town setting and a gang of friends facing a powerful evil. The narrative’s chronological leaps are an effective method in building tension in both the past and present. The author doesn’t pull any punches when describing the violent results of a demonic encounter […]

A supernatural thriller with several surprising and satisfying twists.”

I’ll take it!

Remember that Demon King goes on sale 3/30/18 everywhere!