Demon King Release Date

February 5, 2018

I am happy to announce the release date for my next novel, titled Demon King. The book will be available on 3/30/2018 on all major platforms. Here’s the blurb:

Ancient evils lurk in the Western New York town of Oneka Falls, and they are hungry…

Only three children have encountered them and lived. Psyches fractured, each child has survived as best they could—wrapped in fantasy, the comfort of amnesia, or the silence of isolation When those evils intrude on their lives a second time, it sets a chain of events in action that can only end in destruction. But who will be destroyed, the children or the ancient evils that plague the town?

Start reading Demon King today and find out!

This is not the next book in the Blood of the Isir series–it’s a book that wouldn’t let go of my brain until I wrote it 🙂 I am in the middle of Rooms of Ruin, Blood of the Isir Book Two, as I write. It should be out this summer!