King’s 1922

October 24, 2017

I watched Stephen King’s 1922 this morning and loved it. Thomas Jane (The Mist, Dreamcatcher, The Expanse, etc.) plays Wilford James, the father in this dark tale, and his performance is what you might expect from an actor of his caliber. His accent surprised me (and how perfectly he kept it throughout the film). The marvelous Molly Parker (House of Cards, Dexter, Deadwood [three of my favorites], and so much more) plays Arlette James. Her performance of the live Arlette is pretty standard, though she rises to the nastier aspects of the character very well), but as the dead Arlette, good grief she was good!

I’ve always thought this story was one of his most understated pieces and this adaptation by Zak Hilditch is in perfect lock-step with that. Jane was perfectly cast, and I never once thought of his other characters while watching Wilf. Some may not like the almost laid-back feel of the film (or the novella), but I loved how true to Mr. King’s story this film was, and how true to the creepy feel of the film was to the creep factor in the novella. Well done, all around!

This film is dark, very dark, as it follows the decent of Wilf James as he burns his way through his life. This one is a definite must see!

You can start with the trailer.