Aqua Notes

August 21, 2017


Last Christmas, Supergirl gave me a unique gift — the best thing ever invented. Ever. Ever x 2.


It’s called Aqua Notes and it’s a waterproof notepad that you can hang in the shower. Since 87.23% of all good ideas are generated while taking a shower (along with 99.673% of all fake statistics), this thing is a must-have for almost everyone, but especially for authors.

Before she gave me this, I’d take a shower and then have to run through the house dripping wet looking for a way to record all the great ideas I came up with. Invariably, I forgot 62.31% of the ideas and got 34.21% of the house wet.

I’ve tested this invention for almost 9 months now. I’ve gotten it a little wet (writing on it with wet hands), and a lot wet  (it fell off the wall while the shower was running at least twice). So far, I haven’t had to sharpen the pencil.

The paper is made of magic, I’m pretty sure. It’s just a regular pencil, but even submerging the pad in water doesn’t smudge or smear what’s written on that paper. Of course, the paper might not be made of magic. It might be a product of unicorn spit. Or dragon scales. Or fire.

Or it might just be coated paper. Nah. It’s definitely magic.