Errant Gods Cover Reveal

That is the ebook cover, of course. It’s a far cry from where I started, but I like it a lot. The paperback cover is below: Click on either image to see it a little bigger. I’m not sure I’m done with the paperback cover. I never like the back […]

Meg Ellison’s Road to Nowhere series

I was lucky to be introduced to Meg Elison’s work (specifically The Book of the Unnamed Midwife) last month. It was quirky, imaginative, and, in my opinion, novel (haha! Get it?). The book tells the post-apocalyptic tale of an unnamed, bisexual woman–a nurse–who wakes up alone in a hospital, after having survived […]

The IT Movie

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the new IT movie in celebration of getting Errant Gods successfully uploaded for publication. I promised “more later” to my Facebook fan page, and today, in celebration of finishing my final final-proof (until there’s another one), I figured I’d write a […]

HWA Membership!

Devils (my horror debut) was released on 6/30/17, and today, 9/22/17, I qualified for full membership (Active) in the Horror Writers Association. I can’t believe it happened this fast, but hey, I’ll take it! If you’re one of my readers, thank you! You can pick up a copy of Devils on […]

Production Pipeline for Fiction

I’ve been spending all my creative time proofing Errant Gods for what feels like the last eon or so. Because I am using Microsoft Word, in its infinite glory, I am now borderline psychotic. This has led me to think about other things in other, special ways…and I’ve come up […]

RA Sucks

The title is a no-brainer. It’s a gimmee. Michael J. Fox had this to say about his Parkinson’s: “It’s a disease that keeps on taking.” This weekend, I was reminded of this by my Personal Monster(tm). I used to be a huge gearhead. I had this truck… twin turbo, 408c.i., […]

Bird Box, A Review

Bird Box, a novel by Josh Malerman is a masterful piece of fiction. I loved this novel! Bird Box is deliciously suspenseful, creepy, and sad, in perfect proportion. The premise requires characters to go blindfolded, and while this might cripple some stories (vision being the go-to sense for describing scenes, […]

Aqua Notes

  Last Christmas, Supergirl gave me a unique gift — the best thing ever invented. Ever. Ever x 2.   It’s called Aqua Notes and it’s a waterproof notepad that you can hang in the shower. Since 87.23% of all good ideas are generated while taking a shower (along with 99.673% […]

American Gods

Supergirl and I binge-watched American Gods this weekend. It’s based on the book of the same title by Neil Gaiman. The show is available on the Starz network and made this months subscription worth every penny. I strongly recommend it. The list of stars involved in this show is pretty […]