The Flu

Supergirl gave me the flu a week or so ago: coughing , sneezing, yechiness.   As such, I haven’t been doing much of anything other than sleeping and entering a vegetative mental state. When you have a life-consuming medical condition, there is nothing like going to the doctor to make […]

I discovered a wonderful resource for novelists several months ago.  It is  a website called BetaBooks.  Two guys got together and created an app that allows authors an easy way to post novels for beta readers, invite people to read it, and track feedback and readers.  I joined it the second […]

In a related note…

…Having Twitter open on the second monitor slashes productivity from 10-15 pages of rewrite per hour to… 4 pages per hour. I reiterate:  I’m good at this.

Why, yes, I was planning ahead…

Of course I was thinking ahead when I decided to start all-this-online-presence-stuff ™ while in the last 20% of my hopefully-final-rewrite (also tm). The plan has come together beautifully! See all the graphics? See the tech gadgets and wizbangs? You’ll note the book up on as well! (don’t go […]

Hello world!

Hi!  First post wooooooo!  Yeah, so…  I have to go eat dinner or Supergirl will hit me in the eye.