Devils Back Cover Text

How can you get excited about a book unless you know what it’s about? This is the information that will appear as the Amazon description, and on the back of the print book:   Come, step inside the dark passageways of Erik Henry Vick’s mind. Come meet his friends, devils, […]

Early praise for Devils

Peter Telep, #1 NYT Bestselling Author of the Doc Harrison and the Apocalypse Series has this to say about Devils: “With imagistic prose and a keen eye for exposing his characters’ deepest fears and flaws, Vick takes no prisoners as he guides you through a landscape of demons so dark and decadent […]

Where do your ideas come from?

Stephen King hates that question, I think.  He writes about it in a lot of books and mentions it often in author’s notes, etc.  I think every writer dreads this question because the answer sounds too pat, too off the cuff.  It’s still true of every author I know or […]


I heard from my editor for Devils.  I should have the edited version back from her on Monday! In other news, I am less than 100 pages to the end of my final proofing (before beta) of Errant Gods (my next novel).  That means the beta should be up in […]

How can you do that?

How can you do that with your disability? It’s a question I am asked quite often, in one form or another.  The pat answer is that I’m incredibly awesome, not to mention modest.  The non-trivial answer is longer, and more involved.  I can spend between an hour to 3 hours […]

Devils eBook Cover

Devils: One Step Closer!

Final art finished for the book covers!  The original concept was cool, but I broke out the oil painting skills and did a new version.  I think it’s better (obs as my son would say), and it was a lot of fun to paint.  Of course, me being me, I […]

Headshot Outtakes

Supergirl snapped a few headshots the other day, and I got to clowning around a bit…  Normally, I’m all business, as you no doubt know, but the devil was whispering in my ear that day. Supergirl was acting really nervous when we were down by Lake Ontario.  I didn’t know […]

Devils is DONE

I finished Devils yesterday and sent it all to be copy edited!  I was finished with most of it on Thursday, but put off writing the back matter because that’s the part I hate… distilling the whole thing down to a paragraph or so. Here’s the dreaded back matter for […]

On writing

  There are a lot of books published that will “tell you how to be a writer.”  There’s nothing wrong with them, and I don’t begrudge the authors a thing.  Many of them have great insight into the craft and business of writing fiction. Here’s the thing: I see a […]

Rewrite rewritten

Yay! This afternoon, while listening to all of the Avenged Sevenfold (@TheOfficialA7X) albums, I finished my rewrite!  Final count as of this version: 653 pages, 158983 words. I need to do another proofing read through, and then I’m bound! Which reminds me, I probably need to set up a […]

Devils Book Cover

So, I got this wild hair…  I decided to mock up a book cover for my upcoming collection of short stories (all involving a devil in one form or another).  I messed around with a few images that didn’t work at all, and then lightning struck. Hours and hours later, […]

The Flu

Supergirl gave me the flu a week or so ago: coughing , sneezing, yechiness.   As such, I haven’t been doing much of anything other than sleeping and entering a vegetative mental state. When you have a life-consuming medical condition, there is nothing like going to the doctor to make […]