Rewrite rewritten


This afternoon, while listening to all of the Avenged Sevenfold (@TheOfficialA7X) albums, I finished my rewrite!  Final count as of this version: 653 pages, 158983 words.

I need to do another proofing read through, and then I’m bound!

Which reminds me, I probably need to set up a beta sign up form…  soon!

And decide on a title…   Do books need titles?

Devils Book Cover

So, I got this wild hair…  I decided to mock up a book cover for my upcoming collection of short stories (all involving a devil in one form or another).  I messed around with a few images that didn’t work at all, and then lightning struck.

Hours and hours later, this is what I’m leaning towards as the final image.

What do you think?


The Flu

Supergirl gave me the flu a week or so ago: coughing , sneezing, yechiness.   As such, I haven’t been doing much of anything other than sleeping and entering a vegetative mental state.

When you have a life-consuming medical condition, there is nothing like going to the doctor to make you feel sick.  Yesterday, I had a follow-up appointment with my GP, and went in there feeling pretty good — still coughing a little, but over all good.  Came out of there demanding that Supergirl figure out a way for me to go back in time and avoid getting R.A.

She’s working on it, but hasn’t come up with the solution yet.  If you know of a crazy scientist with a DeLorean in his garage, please let me know.

DeLorean Time Machine

I discovered a wonderful resource for novelists several months ago.  It is  a website called BetaBooks.  Two guys got together and created an app that allows authors an easy way to post novels for beta readers, invite people to read it, and track feedback and readers.  I joined it the second I saw the join button.

The two guys who run the site, Andrew Burleson and Paul Kilpatrick, are accessible and easy-going.  When you have a question or need help, Paul and Andrew are the guys you talk to.

I will be posting my next novel there in the next few months.  I’m going to be inviting beta readers from my circle of friends, family, and critiquers, but would also like to invite others as well.  Soon ™, I will be putting up a sign-up form on my blog.

Why, yes, I was planning ahead…

Of course I was thinking ahead when I decided to start all-this-online-presence-stuff ™ while in the last 20% of my hopefully-final-rewrite (also tm). The plan has come together beautifully! See all the graphics? See the tech gadgets and wizbangs? You’ll note the book up on as well! (don’t go look, I’m a liar ™).

I’m good at this!