Party Hardy

We like to get our celebrating done all at once around here. In June, we have the end of school, Erik’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, and Father’s Day. In July, we have Independence Day and the kiddo’s birthday. Then we get a big breather until the winter holidays where we […]

Socks of the gods

  Erik has several things to make life with R.A. easier including special silverware, shoe inserts and special socks. This year he needed some more of his favorite summer socks and when they arrived, I realized why he likes them so much. They are “THOR”lo brand—socks for the Viking who […]

Flare by Marriage

  I don’t know what it’s like to have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I can tell you what it is like to be married to someone who does. I suppose everyone’s marriage is different, so I can only speak to the way we deal with a chronic illness. My view is […]

5 stars for Errant Gods from RedheadedBooklover!

Aimee Ann (the RedheadedBooklover, herself) has just posted her review of Errant Gods, and as the title of the post says, she gave it 5 stars! Here’s an excerpt: “Overall Errant Gods is a captivating, fast-paced fantasy novel that will keep fantasy readers entertained for hours. The author’s descriptive writing […]

I’m now a Viking-Terminator hybrid!

  Guess what? I’m no longer an indie author, I’m a hybrid author. I’m not sure what such distinctions are worth, but in my own mind, at least, I’m thinking of hybrid author as a sort of Terminator, but with cool hair and a Viking beard. All it really means […]

The tree that launched 123,695 words

Last week, I took you on a virtual tour of Oneka Falls, NY, the fictional town at the center of the Demon King story. This week, let me introduce you to the tree in the center of the forest… That’s him. Herlequin’s tree… You might be seeing nicely groomed grounds, a […]

A trip to Oneka Falls

Supergirl and I like to go “exploring” by car–it’s something we can do even if my Personal Monster(tm) is acting the fool. This last weekend we took a medium length drive (SUV Therapy for those of you who’ve read Errant Gods–even though we now take the other car) and ended […]

RedheadedBooklover’s Author Spotlight

Last weekend, I had two great things to share–a pair of 5-star reviews of Demon King, one of which was from This weekend, Aimee Ann (the RedheadedBooklover herself) posted an author spotlight featuring me. Read all about it on her blog at: and be sure to leave her some comments and […]

Screaming Canadians

  Erik and I watch a lot of cool shows like Handmaid’s Tale, WestWorld, etc. But sometimes, we watch even cooler stuff. We found a show called “Under Arrest” which we renamed to “Screaming Canadians.” It is a show like “Cops,” but with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) filmed […]