Who knew?!?

Not to take away from the Errant Gods buzz, but a reader just let me know about this. Devils was chosen as one of six “Best Opening Lines” on the Publisher’s Weekly Book Life site for August 2017. How’s that for freaking cool??   The line that got noticed was […]

Blueink Review of Errant Gods

It’s been an awesome couple of days, I’ve got to tell you. First, the Kirkus review of Errant Gods dropped yesterday, and this afternoon, the Blueink review posted. On top of that, the Blueink reviewer compared Errant Gods to one of my all-time favorite series: The Dark Tower by Stephen […]

Errant Gods Kirkus Review

Today, my very first review from Kirkus Reviews was published on their website, but before you go over and read it, be warned: the review contains spoilers. The link will be at the bottom of this post, but I will excerpt the non-spoiler parts below. “It’s been seven years since […]

Gerald’s Game on Netflix

I watched the 2017 Netflix adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game recently. Let me start by saying that the book isn’t one of my favorites. I could never get past the first 100 pages for some reason. After watching this, I might give it another go after the launch of […]

King’s 1922

I watched Stephen King’s 1922 this morning and loved it. Thomas Jane (The Mist, Dreamcatcher, The Expanse, etc.) plays Wilford James, the father in this dark tale, and his performance is what you might expect from an actor of his caliber. His accent surprised me (and how perfectly he kept it […]

Great day!

I had a great day. A productive day. I worked on my next novel this afternoon and had a great time writing a scene from multiple points of view. I’m in the second part of the book and had bogged a little, to be honest as the jump between children […]

ba-Ba-ba Dook Dook Dook!

  I’ve seen this movie advertised in various streaming channels, and was always sort of interested, but always found something that interested me more. I’m not sure what I expected from the blurb: “A single mother is plagued by the violent death of her husband and battles with her son’s fear […]


Sometimes, when I have an idea or decide I need to change something in a manuscript, instead of putting a note into One Note (that I will have to remember to read later), I send myself a scheduled text. I really hope the NSA is not reading my texts… It’s bad […]

ManyBooks Author of the Day

I’m flattered to have been interviewed as the featured author of the day by ManyBooks.net, an aggregation site for ebook deals. You can see the interview here: http://manybooks.net/featured-authors/erik-henry-vick-plunging-readers-face-first-into-evil. It was a lot of fun, and I did get a bit silly toward the end, but what the hay.