Bird Box, A Review

Bird Box, a novel by Josh Malerman is a masterful piece of fiction. I loved this novel! Bird Box is deliciously suspenseful, creepy, and sad, in perfect proportion. The premise requires characters to go blindfolded, and while this might cripple some stories (vision being the go-to sense for describing scenes, […]

Aqua Notes

  Last Christmas, Supergirl gave me a unique gift — the best thing ever invented. Ever. Ever x 2.   It’s called Aqua Notes and it’s a waterproof notepad that you can hang in the shower. Since 87.23% of all good ideas are generated while taking a shower (along with 99.673% […]

American Gods

Supergirl and I binge-watched American Gods this weekend. It’s based on the book of the same title by Neil Gaiman. The show is available on the Starz network and made this months subscription worth every penny. I strongly recommend it. The list of stars involved in this show is pretty […]

The Dark Tower

I was lucky enough to get into an advance showing of The Dark Tower yesterday.  I had a great time, but fair warning: if you are going to see it expecting it to follow The Dark Tower series, it sort of does, but it mostly doesn’t. It’s like the film […]

SPR Review!

Being compared to Neil Gaiman and China Mieville is not a bad way to start a day!  That’s how my day started when I read the review by Self-Publishing Review. Here is the Amazon Editorial version of the review: “A horror collection of deliciously disturbing and unsettling tales. The collection […]

BookViral Review

Devils was reviewed by (a review site for original horror fiction) and the review is live this afternoon.  I couldn’t be happier with it and am quite flattered by their praise. You can see the Devils spotlight page and cast your vote for the Crimson Quill award by clicking […]

Shit happens at #1

  Many of you know that my recent book, Devils, topped Amazon’s horror anthology category list (Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Anthologies & Literature Collections > Horror). To say it was unexpected is like saying the ocean is damp. Once it hit #1, things started […]

Devils LAUNCH DAY Teaser

It’s LAUNCH DAY!!  To celebrate, read this teaser of Wendigo, the fourth novella in Devils.   John Calvin Black rode on horseback through the woods with Donehogawa, a tall, straight-backed Onondowaga warrior that he’d known all his life. The two men were of similar age and had become fast friends during the […]

Devils Teaser 3

Please enjoy this teaser of Sister Wives, the third novella in Devils.   When I came to, I was sitting in a ladder-back chair with my left wrist handcuffed to a two-inch eyebolt driven into the table. I blinked hard, trying to clear the mud out of my mind. Other women surrounded […]

Devils Teaser 2

Please enjoy this teaser of Vengeance, the second novella in Devils.   When Rick’s car refused to start, rage threatened to overcome him. Fury beat through him with a staccato rhythm that matched his accelerated heartbeat. KA-thud, KA-thud, KA-thud. His hands shook in time to that insistent beat. He wanted to pound […]

Devils Teaser 1

Here’s a teaser of The Devil, the first novella included in Devils.   Enjoy! I’ve seen the devil, and she was beautiful. The first time I saw her, I was high on coke, and I believed she must have been a hallucination or a dream. She had red hair that fell to […]

Devils Live!

It’s a great feeling to have an email like this in your inbox when you wake up! I’m exhausted, in a micro-flare (don’t ask), my eyes are burning, and I never, ever, want to hear the voice of MS Text to Speech again! Even so… WORTH IT! The paperback is […]