Emotion Notions: Modeling Personality in Game Character AI

Title: Emotion Notions: Modeling Personality in Game Character AI
Published by: Cengage Learning PTR
Release Date: August 24, 2009
Pages: 624
ISBN13: 978-1598635270
ASIN: 1598635271

Learn how to create more realistic and believable characters for video games using AI programming techniques.Written for novice to experienced game developers, "Emotion Notions: Modeling Personality in Game Character AI" shows you how to model human personality, mood, and emotion into your video game characters. Adding personality to game characters allows them to portray intention, a necessary component of believability. You'll examine the theory and concepts behind video game artificial intelligence, such as believability, interaction, engagement, and immersion. Using 2D sprite-based games created with Microsoft XNA, you'll explore these game AI concepts in a simple game environment and learn how to apply them to all games. You'll learn how to model individuality, emotion, mood, and more to make your game characters more convincing and human-like as you work step-by-step through hands-on projects. All the source code and assets needed to complete the projects is included on the accompanying CD-ROM.

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