Devils eBook CoverTitle: Devils
Published by: Ratatoskr Publishing
Release Date: 30 June, 2017
Contributors: Erik Henry Vick
Genre: ,
Pages: 324
ISBN13: 978-0999079508

Come, step inside the dark passageways of Erik Henry Vick’s mind. Come meet his friends, devils, one and all.

Robert is a war hero on his way down. Addicted to cocaine, wallowing in guilt, he meets a beautiful woman with the quirky habit of telling everyone she’s the devil.

Rick Bergen learns the true cost of revenge when he enters the world of the voodoo pantheon and meets the manifestation of vengeance.

Rena is kidnapped by polygamist extremists bent on creating an army for the apocalypse—by any means necessary.

An ancient evil has returned to stalk the shores of Lake Seneca. A colonial New Yorker, with the help of an Onondowaga warrior, must confront beings that can’t be killed or reasoned with.

A man is trapped in Rochester, NY by a massive snowstorm, but if he doesn't make his appointment in Buffalo, his entire bloody itinerary will be in jeopardy.

Mind your step. Don’t attract these devils' attention.

This collection of devilish short fiction from Erik Henry Vick, titled Devils, debuts in the chilling tradition of Stephen King, Joe Hill, and Dean Koontz.

BONUS PREVIEW of Erik Henry Vick's upcoming horror novel, Errant Gods, is included!

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